Welcome to New Orleans, envy of the supernatural world. Hunters don’t come here, they learned long ago that hunting in New Orleans means a quick death. Of course a few young hunters in over their head or some old ones looking for a glorious death will come but they are dealt with quickly. The reason the New Orleans supernaturals have accomplished what no other city has is that in New Orleans the supernaturals have set aside their own petty squabbles and decided to work together. Thirty years ago the different sects of the supernatural community realized that through in fighting and feuding they were doing the hunters work for them. The leaders of the different races formed a council consisting of 2 member from each race and 2 humans, the mayor and the police chief both bought by campaign funds donated by the council. The rules of the council are simple – local residents are not harmed and the crime rate is kept at an optimal level so that tourism, also known as the food supply, isn’t impeded.

Feast of the Epiphany