Carlisle Stephens

Mage- magical researcher


Carlisle was born in Atlanta Georgia, from an early age he showed an interest in the workings of magic. Although only an average spellcaster, Carlisle had an expert grasp of the theory of magic. When he was 18 he took a job as a student apprentice to a theoretical mage, this being the common way to get into the field of the study of magic. Carlisle married a young to a mundane human and had two children, neither of whom showed any magical aptitude.
At by the age of 25 Carlisle had gained a reputation in his field and was selected to work for the elite Yucatan Supernatural Institute in the remote jungles of Mexico. His family was allowed to join him and lived in a well furnished village near the institute which had been set aside for humans who where in one way or another involved with the institute, whether as friends or family, or as hired blood providers for those of the vampiric persuasion. All humans in the support village were lived there either under the sponsorship of someone at the institute or as paid employees, the holding of human slaves being strictly prohibited under the institute charter. The institute had very deep pockets, and was supported by many global supernatural run businesses. Overall this institute was a paradise for the researchers who were mostly mages, although all supernatural races were represented as well as for the well provided for and well paid human support crew.
While the institute did have a small security force, however this was never a focus. The theory being that the institute was clearly not a threat to any humans, so why would the hunters want to attack such a place? A large security force would only serve to provoke the humans into seeing the isolated institute as a threat.
Then the hunters came, in a large and well organized force .The local hunters operated a drug cartel know as the Zacatas, which provided them with weapons and money for the hunt. The well organized paramilitary force easily overwhelmed the small security detail of the institute. Carlisle captured and taken out to the front of the institute with the rest, he was sure this was the end, but he was glad that his family was a few miles away and not likely to be caught in the crossfire.
At first things went exactly as Carlisle expected, the hunters started to line up and execute the supernaturals they had captured. Then came the unexpected part, the Zacatas brought a truck full of the humans from the support village, they started to line them up too. This made no goddamn sense, hunters were supposed to protect ordinary humans, not execute them. The leader said some bullshit that he probably thought sounded poetic about how anyone who helps the supernatural monsters is just as bad as them, and lined the people from the support village up for the firing squad. When it came Carlisle’s turn for execution the hunters noticed that his id card for the institute said that he had access to the outlying areas of the institute. They decided that he had just won a free jeep tour to go help them hunt down more of his friends and colleagues. Carlisle was placed in a jeep with one of the hunter commandos and sent into the jungle to find the outposts.
Carlisle was able to grab the steering wheel and slam the jeep into a tree. Leaving the commando pinned and breaking the piece of the seat to which Carlisle had been cuffed. Without even thinking twice about it Carlisle gave the pinned commando a swift kink in the throat to guarantee that this day would be his last and disappeared into the jungle.
Given his knowledge of the theory of magic, Carlisle was easily able to be granted a waiver to immigrate to New Orleans where he could be safe from the hunters and research magic as a consultant for green sun and a member of the chimera network.


Hunters are the real monsters, we should kill them all.

Everyone I have ever loved is dead. Mystical research is all I have left.

Carlisle Stephens

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