Marion Beaulieu

Changeling - Creates Ice, Stripper


I’m actually very lucky. It’s a hard world out there for supernaturals. In most cities if you are not dodging some hunter mistaking you for one of the fae and trying to cut your head off with a cold iron sword you’re worried about a vampire deciding that you make a good meal. But in New Orleans the Council has taken care of those issues and created a haven for supernaturals. In order to keep our little slice of paradise a paradise population control is key. Immigration to New Orleans is difficult for supernaturals. You typically either need a relative to vouch for you or have some skill that is highly sought after. The process with changelings is a bit different though.

Changelings don’t have any control over where they emerge from the Hedge. We were prisoners of beings more powerful than most people could ever imagine. Escape is rare and difficult to pull off. So when you find a way through you take it no matter where you end up in the human world. At the time i was taken I was a ballerina with the Parisian Ballet, I was a bit of prodigy. I spent fifteen years in the Summerlands and came out 156 years later and on a different continent. The Council does a good job of monitoring the Hedge and it wasn’t long before I was welcomed to New Orleans and told the rules. I adjusted as well as a changeling can. At the end of the day we’re all still broken. Now I work as exotic dancer in one of the Vampire clubs downtown. Feeding off the emotions of the tourist that frequent my stage.

I was taken from Paris in 1845 when I was 7 years old. I was taken by a pathetic excuse for a creature known as the Gate Keeper, a weak little thing, he was able to over power me when I was a child. If he was to meet me again I’m certain things would have a different ending.

The Gate Keeper had made a very powerful enemy, Oberon , and i was given as a sort of peace offering. The Gate Keeper took me to an impossibly huge castle. The castle interior was like maze filled with hundreds of rooms. The Gate Keeper led me to the throne room and explained who I was to Oberon. Oberon accepted the peace offering. He then fashioned me a prison of sorts, an enchanted snow globe complete with real snow and freezing temperature where I dance for him and him only. The snow globe was in Oberon’s bedroom, but he must have had several because I was often left alone in the room. I was in the cold for long it became a part of me. I was in the jar for 10 years before learned control the cold and create ice.

I used my time in the snow globe and became quite skilled at manipulating the cold. I knew that I could easily shatter my glass prison with ice, but then I would lost in in vast maze of the castle. Even if I could find my way out I had no idea where I was or which way was home. I needed Oberon to think that he need to watch me closely but to not know how powerful I was. One night when I heard the Oberon approaching the room I was in I attacked the glasses with small shards of ice. Ones that I knew would be to weak to break it, but large enough to make Oberon think I could eventually do it.

My plan had worked, I still wish it hadn’t. Oberon decided to personally keep on eye me. The next five years were a nightmare. Oberon delights in cruelty. One thing I learned quickly is that there is that cruelty is most effective when randomly paired with kindness, that true despair only existed as long as a glimmer of hope existed. I accompanied him throughout the castle and the Summerland. It only took me a year to learn the way of the castle and out the Summerlands, but five past before I had an opportunity to escape.

I was taken to the Summerlands when I was 7 years old, I spent 10 years being a life size knickknack, and another 5 being Oberon’s personal play thing. I’ve been in New Orleans for 2 years. I’m 24 and I’ve spent more of my life in Summerland around the fae than I have with humans, so yeah I’m a little messed up.


I’m more fae than human. I must learn how to connect and understand human and human emotion.

The fae don’t like it when their toys run away. Oberon will come for me one day, I must find a way to defeat when he does.

Marion Beaulieu

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